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Home interior mock-up with green sofa, table and decor in living room

Green is a color of balance and harmony. It is the most abundant color found in the natural world and inspires a sense of renewal, freshness and growth. Because of its spectral wavelength, it is one of the most restful colors to the eyes optically and induces an atmosphere of tranquility and peace in the home. The color has shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate, in addition to relaxing the mind and reducing anxiety. It can revitalize and restore, giving the feeling of being connected to nature and feeling safe and secure. Green has a multitude of tints and shades, making it extremely versatile for interior design. In proper amounts, it can be used successfully in almost any room to encourage a serene and rejuvenating ambiance. Pairing green with natural tones like grey or brown creates an elegantly modern look and using a broad monochromatic design will add wonderful contrast. Using an analogous scheme with bright yellows and blues will evoke a more fun and energetic environment that brings about the perception of hope, health and adventure. Add warmer tones like coral and tangerine to achieve a joyful and positive pop of summer color.


Scandinavian bathroom with vertical garden, white minimalistic interior design

Introducing vegetation is a wonderful way to add life and energy to every room of the home. As expressive as artwork, houseplants can bring about aesthetic beauty, natural texture and good energy that has proven to enhance positivity by creating living spaces that are soothing to be in. Being close to greenery instinctively puts the mind at ease with its surroundings, resulting in reduced stress and an uplifted feeling of well-being. They mitigate background noise to create more comfortable and tranquil spaces. Interior plants further promote wellness by increasing humidity levels, purifying the air and reducing airborne dust levels. Additionally, caring for living flowers and plants provides a sense of purpose and can induce a measure of meditation into an everyday routine, especially watching them grow and flourish. An indoor garden can be a true refuge from the outside world. Consider bringing a wall to life by transforming it into a mural of greenery with a vertical garden, creating a dynamic masterpiece that is always evolving. Or, for those without a green thumb, plants like succulents, philodendrons and air plants are an ideal option due to their low maintenance requirements and appreciation for almost all types of environments.


Solar panels on a roof

Embrace a healthier way of life and contribute toward conserving energy and preserving the environment by incorporating a variety of sustainable living methods and eco-friendly technologies in the home. Not only will implementing ‘green’ design elements lessen a home’s effect on the environment, it will improve indoor comfort and make an estate more valuable and marketable when it is time to sell in the future. Something as simple as upgrading to ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs, windows and appliances can significantly reduce energy consumption throughout the lifetime of a home. Make a greater impact by tapping into natural resources with renewable energy products like solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal systems that combat greenhouse gas. To improve water efficiency and conservation, as well as help minimize the effects of droughts and water shortages in the community, install water-saving low-flow fixtures, faucets and toilets. Further support water sustainability by introducing a rainwater recycling system and reduce the negative effects of stormwater runoff in the area, which can otherwise damage creeks and other water habitats.

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