Nurturing Wellness at Home

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Relaxing self-care activities you can effortlessly add to your daily routine 

Self-care is all about showing up for yourself every day. Whether that be through 15 minutes of meditation or baking dozens of cookies, it’s important to make time for you. 

Exercising your Green Thumb 

Gardening is a wonderful way to relax and let go. Along with encouraging a range mobility and flexibility, gardening can calm the mind and bring a sense of uplifted spirits. It enables an escape from the indoors and fosters a connection to the environment and an appreciation for the magic of nature. There is something truly rewarding about caring for plants, especially once they’ve begun to grow and start to thrive. A haven for contemplation, meditation and ease, simply spending time in a garden can promote health and wellbeing. With an endless variety of plants to choose from, including flowers, shrubs, succulents, herbs and vegetables to name a few, tending to a garden can be enjoyed by individuals of all skill levels. 

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

– Audrey Hepburn

Baked to Perfection 

Baking can be an extremely therapeutic activity. It draws in focus, cultivates mindfulness and motivates being present. It involves a lot of attention, coordination and reasoning, all which team up to arouse a level of “focused-relaxation” that can bring about a soothing effect on an otherwise busy mind. The repetitive nature of chopping, pouring, whisking and whipping; the sweet aromatics, sensation of textures and appetizing flavors, this barrage of the senses both heightens awareness of the body and stimulates living in the moment. An incredible creative outlet as well, baking drives imagination, ingenuity and inspiration that is grounding and restorative. Whether riffing on a recipe or following it to the teaspoon, the power of choice is rather empowering. The ultimate perk is having something delicious to eat as the result! 

Get Lost in a Book 

Reading is an incredible habit to form that provides an array of wellness effects. It offers the opportunity to rest the body and be immersed in a different world, exploring the realm of the author’s imagination and point of view. In this way, reading nourishes the mind, opening it to the idea of new possibilities and perspectives. Being wholly engrossed in a book engages all parts of the brain, it elicits creativity and causes what is essentially an altered state of consciousness. Unlike social media, a platform dedicated to what others are doing, reading is focused inward, it’s taking quiet time to get lost in a story, experience deeper emotions and recharge the mind. So, go ahead, get swept away in a romance, whisked on a fantasy, exhilarated by a thrilling mystery or inspired by a hopeful memoire; it could be just what the doctor ordered. 

Reflect and Unwind 

Rejuvenate the body on a mental, physical and spiritual level with transformative practices like meditation and breathing techniques. These calming exercises nurture and connect the body and soul, bring ease to the mind and evoke feelings of gratitude. Meditation looks different for everyone but, with the right intention, will lead to a road to self-discovery and patience. It creates a break in the day to slow down and check in. Breathing techniques are frequently incorporated into meditation practices but can also be done independently. The power of breathing is often taken for granted, and most overlook how it’s related to health. Keeping the breath smooth and steady by having inhales and exhales at the same count can give rise to a sensation of balance and equanimity. 

Box Breath Technique: Inhale through nose four seconds, hold four seconds, exhale through mouth four seconds, hold four seconds; repeat for four minutes. 

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