Smart At-Home Fitness Trends

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With a small footprint and elegant design, The Mirror seamlessly blends into any room of the home and beautifully transforms less than two feet of wall space into a personal fitness studio. This nearly invisible interactive smart gym has an extensive library with thousands of on-demand classes as well as new live weekly sessions in more than 50 genres, including boxing, barre, cardio and dance; from absolute beginner to fully expert levels, there is a perfect selection for everyone. Practice one on one or join a live program led by some of the country’s top professionals who provide expert instruction, enthusiastic support and live feedback throughout the class. Its exclusive personal performance dashboard establishes a place for community and personalization, where users can create goals, track workouts, share progress and more. Applying advanced camera technology, machine learning and proprietary optimization algorithms, The Mirror uses personal goals and preferences from the dashboard to deliver in-workout adjustments and produce maximum results in minimal time. $1,495


Tonal revolutionizes fitness and strength training with a unique combination of patented digital weight, inspiring coach-led programs and advanced A.I. learning. Delivered in a sleek and fully integrated 24-inch interactive display that fits any room’s aesthetic, Tonal workouts are designed to help improve form and achieve optimal results. The all-in-one-machine comprises 17 sensors that analyze and provide real-time guidance on technique, adjustable arms that support a range of both upper and lower body exercises and 200 pounds of resistance. Its distinctive Strength Assessment feature learns how much users can lift and sets an ideal weight to begin. With every move of every workout, Tonal’s A.I. automatically adjusts the weight, and methodically increases it to advance a fitness enthusiast to the next level. Conversely, the innovative Spotter function will detect signs of struggle or fatigue and reduce the weight when necessary. Follow along with expert trainers or use Free Lift to create a routine on the fly, both still taking advantage of Tonal’s A.I. to suggest weights and track progress. $2,995 +495 for smart accessories

Peloton Bike+

The all-new Peloton Bike+ provides the ultimate cardio and full-body workout. It features an updated and intuitive design with a larger touchscreen and 360-degree movement that offers endless possibilities. Riders can access on-demand and live classes such as strength training, cardio, stretching and yoga with a variety of different themes, difficulty levels and music genres. They can also ride and engage with other Peloton Members, send high fives, track progress and earn badges. Motivating world-class instructors give encouragement to boost the atmosphere and the new Auto Follow capability automatically adjusts the resistance to that of the trainer’s callout, allowing for a fully immersive fitness experience. Additional new features of the Bike+ include front-facing speakers, a subwoofer and innovative Apple GymKit™ technology that enables an Apple Watch® to share more accurate metrics between the two devices. $2,495


Transport around the world and experience an immersive fitness adventure with Hydrow, a sophisticated smart rowing machine that offers an efficient, full-body workout from the comfort of home. It combines top-of-the-line equipment and innovative technology with live and on-demand sessions for rowing, yoga, Pilates, strength training and more. A brilliant 22-inch HD touchscreen display and impressive front-facing speakers bring the waterways of London, Scotland, Miami and beyond indoors, while its patented electromagnetic, computer-controlled drag system perfectly mimics the ultra-smooth feeling of gliding effortlessly on water. Follow along in real time with world class athletes streaming directly from the lakes, rivers and seas around the globe or choose from over 2,000 pre-set workouts; all are sure to inspire, engage and push rowers to new horizons. $2,245

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