Shedquarters – A Personal Oasis at Home

Featured in Luxury Real Estate Magazine

Create a space you can call your own, a secluded getaway that provides peace and privacy all year round, right in your backyard. There are countless possibilities and purposes for a backyard shed, from a practical home office to an entertaining gaming den. Take a look at this collection of novel ideas to gain inspiration for your own personal shedquarters.

Get down to business 

Enjoy the convenience of working from home and the motivation you feel at the firm with a comfortable backyard office. Unlike a dedicated room within the house, having your office in your yard establishes a better work-life balance by providing a private detached area away from interruptions that can get in the way of the workday. You will not only gain free space inside your home, but a charming outdoor structure that will add to its resale value as well. Embrace a design that makes valuable use of natural light and has a professional appearance for virtual meetings. Indoor plants, trendy light fixtures and sophisticated furnishings will further elevate your backyard workplace. 

Design tip: Create a beautifully landscaped path that leads from your home to your office for a pleasant commute every day. 

Take some time away 

Cut off from domesticity in your own private retreat, a quiet haven in which you can meditate, practice yoga or get lost in a book in blissful isolation. Decorate and furnish your space with intention, make use of a meditation gong, candles, incense or a fountain to stimulate the senses and evoke the feeling of being present. Juxtapose indoor plants with calming colors like cool blues or warm whites for a peaceful atmosphere you can unwind in. Expansive windows with sheer curtains will continue to afford you solitude without sacrificing sought-after natural light.  

Design tip: Hang bird feeders around your retreat to attractnative birds to hang around and croon to you. 

Play your heart out 

Launch into the digital realm with a state-of-the-art gaming den, the ultimate escape to an alternate reality. Enjoy a fully immersive experience with a VR zone, life-size tv screens and monitors, powerful surround sound and a variety of seating options for when entertaining friends. Strike a balance between functionality and comfort with ergonomic accessories, playful décor and a range of shelving and storage. Make use of ambient lighting combined with pops of colorful accent lighting to give your space a bit of an edge and create a surreal and futuristic vibe. 

Design tip: Consider a kitchenette with a refrigeratorand oven for those extended video game binges. 

Surround yourself with greenery 

A lush retreat for the botanist, a greenhouse hideaway is a tranquil place that enables you to create the perfect growing environment for any type of plant. With protection from an array of windows and advanced climate-control technology, you can grow your favorite flowers, herbs, vegetables and exciting exotics at any time of year, without the use of dangerous pesticides. Outfit your greenhouse with prime amenities such as a potting station and sink, work bench and tool storage; whether starting from a seed, repotting a flower or simply watering the plants, you will have everything you need within reach.  

Design tip: Enhance the atmosphere with a peaceful water feature and cozy chair for some breaks of thought and relaxation. 

Discover your inner artist 

Unleash your creative side with a personal art studio, an expressive sanctuary just steps from your door. A private and dedicated art studio provides a comfortable four-season spot where you can set your imagination free without any distractions. Bring in an abundance of natural light through classic skylights, glass French doors or a wall of windows that open up to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. Keep your medium and storage in mind throughout the design process, as organization and functionality are essential for any craft space. 

Design tip: Incorporate decoration into organization by showing off colorful materials on shelves in clear storage bins while you hide messier items behind cabinets. 

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